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Tips for Learning Languages

Perfect Pronunciation:

Pronunciation matters. As in English, many words can have wildly different meanings if pronounced differently from the textbook guide. Focus on the vowels first, and don’t worry about speaking slowly at first – you will gain speed and fluency as you go along, but the foundations of the new language must be in place. Use online talking dictionaries like to check your spoken word.

Small Steps:

Learning a new language is a process of accretion. You can’t expect to absorb all of it in a few weeks. Put aside 20 minutes every day to learn five new words and practise the vocabulary you already posses. Children learn language through a gradual daily process, gaining more and more new words as they grow up. This ability to absorb language is still present, though less nascent in adults, so pick up your salsa heels and head down to the local Spanish dance class or tapas bar to practise. .

Post It:

Write down the names of objects around your home in a new language and stick them on the relevant things – this will help jog your memory and provide an environment in which you are constantly surrounded by visual prompts. A good system to use when learning a language with male/female nouns is to use colour coded Post-its; white for neutral, blue for masculine words and pink for feminine words.

Follow the News:

The three R’s considered the best methods for learning a new language are – reading, retention and rote. Firstly read the news in a foreign language, then once you have familiarised yourself with the story and vocabulary, listen to the newscast of the same story.

Next, repeat the story you’ve just heard to yourself and see how much you’ve managed to retain. You will find that by reading, remembering and repeating the news is a quick, easy way of increasing your vocabulary and brushing up on grammar.

Be Imaginative:

One of the precepts of the Rosetta Stone language series is linking words with real world situations, which helps students to remember them better. Create a memory chain by imagining where certain words “live.” For example nouns fit easily in the home – “il gatto” lying on the hearth, “le pain” in the breadbasket, “la mesa” in the dining room. Verbs work well in park where people are running, jumping, swimming, eating, jogging, and bicycling. Adjectives are easy to describe in a market, where stalls are filled with colour, shapes and smells.

Watch Television:

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be all hard work. A painless and fun way of picking up a foreign language is to watch foreign films. Leave the subtitles on so you can enjoy the storyline. Even if you find yourself unable to follow the pace of the foreign words spoken, you will still be absorbing the accent, vocabulary and syntax of the language.

Read Children’s Books:

Pick up a children’s book, preferably one which you are already familiar with. Since you already know the story, the book is already translated in your mind, and you can pick up the gist of the words as you read. Have a dictionary handy as you read and write down the meanings of unfamiliar words as you go. When you re-read the book, having the notes in the margins will prompt your memory and make reading it again much more enjoyable.

Benefits of Learning Languages

Many people enjoy learning languages for the pleasure of learning something new and there are people who want to learn a new language to satisfy their career requirement. In the present globalized economic environment, demand for employees knowing many foreign languages has become a necessity, because of increasing role of export -import.

Learning a new language will help in three ways 1) It will help to keep our brain active.
2) For people with a well established career it will help gain promotions or while undertaking international travel it will help them to interact with their counterparts personally which will help to develop positive rapport with the clients. Depending upon an interpreter is avoided. 3) It will help to utilize new career and employment avenues.

In this article we shall explore about the various career and employment opportunities which will be available to us because of learning new languages.

Multi National Organizations.
These are business organizations with business interest in multiple countries. And this necessitates the employees to travel to their oversees manufacturing units, interact with clients in those countries for example local vendors of spare parts, dealers, etc and in such circumstances knowledge of the local knowledge will prove to be an asset. Similarly for people working in those units knowing employers language will help them to have hassle free communication with their employers.

Ability to speak in a foreign language will help a person to get a career opportunity in the hospitality and tourism industries.

Interpreting and Translation.

Once high degree of proficiency in a foreign language has been acquired by a person these two areas i.e.

translation and interpretation provides excellent career opportunities.

Inspite of many people learning foreign languages, still when they suddenly have to meet a foreigner speaking a language which has not been learnt by them the service of a highly qualified interpreter becomes a vital necessity.

An interpreter has to work in two ways. They are as follows: 1) Simultaneous translation has to be done in events like conferences. 2) The interpreter has to make consecutive interpretation i.e. he listens to a speaker and when the speaker pauses the interpreter translates and such a work is done in events like a business meeting.

So my dear readers start learning a new language for the pleasure of learning something new, it will certainly add zest to life and also it will help to keep your brain active. There are chances for you to get a new career or business opportunity which will improve your finances along with increased satisfaction level. And in this internet era learning a new language can’t be a Herculean task. One need not go to a school in the evening hours or weekend. Sitting inside the cozy comfort of your home you can attend an online course and learn a language. It is so easy. What you require is an urge to learn and excel. To all my dear readers of this article and aspirants of language learning.

Spanish – Worthy Learned Language

Learning Spanish may be a worthy idea to consider. Many people share this thought. Some of them take action on it. But most just keep this idea for a while and skip it due to their laziness. And in the other circumstace, Spanish is thought to be a big unknown to access. But think again…

Wait a second! Are those actually valid reasons? Was the positive side included? Was that well balanced? Did we assess the “pro” side or just the “con” side? Its possible we should have a look at that. There are actually five reasons why you should learn Spanish which should be examined.

First, learning a new language will make you feel more content and satisfied in yourself – maybe its a life-long dream you have finally decided to act upon or maybe you just want to be able to go on holiday with more ease and comfort (not to mention the security that comes with speaking the lingo in some countries!). Sure, I understand your objection that learning a brand-new language can be a daunting task – time consuming and tough and the older you are the tougher it gets.

Yes, that is a valid observation, but look at it this way, What have you got to lose? The longer you wait the more reasons you will think of to not do it – act on your wish now! And moreover, one should consider that if it is true that it gets more difficult the older you get, then now is the time, cause let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger!

Second, learning Spanish will strengthen your native English as well. The main reason behind that is that both languages are of Latin origins there will be lots of brand-new fascinating phrases to discover that you can add to your usual vocabulary, making you appear smarter than ever..

As well as appearing smart, you will feel smart! And feeling smart makes you self-assured and before long you will feel like you can do anything.

Third, can you imagine going on vacation and being one of the lucky few that can converse with the locals on an equal level. Imagine being able to go shopping and haggling without having to bring a dictionary or depend on the handful of Spanish words you already know and the shopkeepers broken English.. In addition to the comfort this provides, you will also feel much safer when traveling, taking taxis or when you end up in tricky situations (which, lets face it, no vacation is complete without). You’ll now be able to solve all problems without depending on your guide!

Fourth, incorporating a brand new language to your skill base will mean that you will be even more appealing on the employment market. Perhaps being bilingual means you can finally persuade your employer that you are worth that pay increase or even that you can search for a new job where you can utilize your new abilities.

And Fifth, the Latin culture is an amazingly rich culture and knowing the language will open opportunities to new music, movies, foods and traditions. Speaking Spanish will open doors to a large number of countries and over 350 million native Spanish speakers worldwide

Throughout all the above info lies a very good list of reasons in favour of learning Spanish. What do You think?

Think about it. Its possible you really should learn Spanish.

When you look at all the factors and evaluate them, you are going to have to acknowledge that a very compelling case can be made for beginning to think about the way to learn Spanish.

Just think about it. Maybe, just maybe, you really, in all seriousness, should really learn Spanish right now!


Learning Spanish language online

With time more and more people understand that learning the Spanish language is easy and fun. You can easily master this language. You will also find many resources while learning the language. You will find many online resources as well. You will not have to worry about getting embarrassed in front of others when you have chosen the online method.

If you are planning to use the internet for learning Spanish language, then you will not have to worry about the cost and the other things. The entire process will be easy and cost effective at the same time. You will also find it easy to learn Spanish online. You will be able to get the best courses which are prepared by the experts. You will also have multimedia material to speed up your learning process.

With the advancement in the internet technologies, the bandwidth has also increased. This means that you can now easily attend the online video and audio lectures from the comfort of your home. You can learn Spanish language within months with the support of these tools.

You will also be able to learn the language at your own pace. This is a very important feature of the online learning. You will not have to follow the pace set by your Spanish tutor. You will decide about the pace yourself. Many people find it easy and they want to increase the pace whereas others find it difficult and they want to decrease the pace. This is not possible in a class where you will have to go with the class. The tutor will be setting the pace for the entire class. This means that you will lack behind if you are slow. And if you are quick learner, you will be wasting too much of time by following the slow pace set by your tutor to take all students along.

Remember that in order to learn quickly and effectively, you will need a program or software which is designed to improve the learning Spanish language.

You will not be able to speed up the process without such a program. If you have the program, you will be able to speed up the entire learning process. Also, you will be able to learn in an interactive way by doing this. You will also be able to learn while having fun. These software are intelligent and they are based on the human psychology. They understand how to set the pace and what tools are required to improve the Spanish language learning.

When you find a good Spanish learning program, you should get serious about it. You should spend a few hours everyday practicing the things on the program. It will help you to learn quickly and effectively.

The online courses and the programs are designed to help everyone. These courses and programs designed for learning the Spanish have different difficult levels. This means that everyone can learn the language no matter what your background is.

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Learn Japanese Language Online

Many people are often hesitant when it comes to learning Japanese by attending a class as it can be expensive and also they may find it difficult to fit a class into their busy lives. But they are very eager to learn the language and be willing to learn if they had the chance. If you are one of those people then you can now opt for online courses to learn the Japanese language from your own home.

The many advantages brought about by learning Japanese online have meant that online courses are experiencing a big increase in popularity in recent times.

Online Japanese courses are just as good if not better than traditional classes taught in a classroom. They are created by native Japanese speakers who have been professionally trained. Often the course material is interactive and is delivered in a wide variety of different media to help make your learning fun and entertaining.

Courses delivered online allow you to fit your learning in to your busy schedule. Not only this but also you can learn at a pace that suits you best. Learning online can be relaxed which of course will be beneficial to your learning.

Receiving the right amount of support is also very important. Many online course offer additional support and give you access to online learning communities which increase your learning potential as it allows you to interact with others who are learning the Japanese language.

When learning anything new you need to be determined and have perseverance. Constantly practice what you have learned. Good Luck!

Rocket Japanese is one of the most popular online courses available for learning Japanese. It provides the best and most comprehensive materials to help you learn Japanese quickly and effectively. Click Here Now to find out how it can help you on your quest to learn Japanese.

Learning Different Languages

Language has been a barrier that has separated human beings for centuries. In our “International Cities” of the world today, it’s commonplace to hear a myriad of languages being spoken in just about any public place. But how did it get to be this way? Why are there so many different tongues? One explanation comes from a bible story about the Tower of Babel. If you are unfamiliar with the story, it can be found in Chapter 11 of the Book of Genesis.

According to the biblical account, a united humanity of people, that spoke a single language, and lived in a very large city called “Babel”, decided they should build an immense tower in the middle of the city. The plan was to build the tower so high, that it would have its “Top in the Heavens”. When God saw what they were doing, and saw that the tower was being built to glorify man, and with the motive of making a name for its builders, God came down and destroyed the tower. Then God “Confounded Their Languages” and scattered the people of the city throughout the Earth. And so the story of “The Tower of Babel” goes, that is how man ended up with so many different languages, in so many different parts of the world.

In today’s world, people that are multilingual are highly sought after by employers that do business Internationally. When traveling to different countries outside of your own, whether it be for business or for pleasure, it’s always nice to be able to communicate with people in their native tongue. Learning a second language now days has never been easier. In the last couple of years there has been an extremely high demand for Language Courses of all types. Even if you don’t learn a second language completely, it’s fairly easy to learn “Conversational Language” for the countries you may be traveling to.

With that under your belt, you can communicate with indigenous people wherever you may be. It’s good to be able to offer a compliment or a greeting, to order food or to make purchases, and use everyday common words and phrases.

Though it has been said by a well know language professor, that to learn a language, you have to “Immerse Yourself In It” and practice daily. I guess it’s all about how much time you have and how much of a language you want to learn.

If you are looking for information on learning a language, visit the authors blog “The Language Professor”, that provides access to many different language courses including European, Middle Eastern, Asian and Jamaican.