Benefits of Learning Languages

Many people enjoy learning languages for the pleasure of learning something new and there are people who want to learn a new language to satisfy their career requirement. In the present globalized economic environment, demand for employees knowing many foreign languages has become a necessity, because of increasing role of export -import.

Learning a new language will help in three ways 1) It will help to keep our brain active.
2) For people with a well established career it will help gain promotions or while undertaking international travel it will help them to interact with their counterparts personally which will help to develop positive rapport with the clients. Depending upon an interpreter is avoided. 3) It will help to utilize new career and employment avenues.

In this article we shall explore about the various career and employment opportunities which will be available to us because of learning new languages.

Multi National Organizations.
These are business organizations with business interest in multiple countries. And this necessitates the employees to travel to their oversees manufacturing units, interact with clients in those countries for example local vendors of spare parts, dealers, etc and in such circumstances knowledge of the local knowledge will prove to be an asset. Similarly for people working in those units knowing employers language will help them to have hassle free communication with their employers.

Ability to speak in a foreign language will help a person to get a career opportunity in the hospitality and tourism industries.

Interpreting and Translation.

Once high degree of proficiency in a foreign language has been acquired by a person these two areas i.e.

translation and interpretation provides excellent career opportunities.

Inspite of many people learning foreign languages, still when they suddenly have to meet a foreigner speaking a language which has not been learnt by them the service of a highly qualified interpreter becomes a vital necessity.

An interpreter has to work in two ways. They are as follows: 1) Simultaneous translation has to be done in events like conferences. 2) The interpreter has to make consecutive interpretation i.e. he listens to a speaker and when the speaker pauses the interpreter translates and such a work is done in events like a business meeting.

So my dear readers start learning a new language for the pleasure of learning something new, it will certainly add zest to life and also it will help to keep your brain active. There are chances for you to get a new career or business opportunity which will improve your finances along with increased satisfaction level. And in this internet era learning a new language can’t be a Herculean task. One need not go to a school in the evening hours or weekend. Sitting inside the cozy comfort of your home you can attend an online course and learn a language. It is so easy. What you require is an urge to learn and excel. To all my dear readers of this article and aspirants of language learning.

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