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Reasons for learning language

The world is coming closer day by day with the help of IT technology. Gone are the days when people would use postal services and wait for days in order to communicate. This is 21st century- the ‘information age’. Now people across the world communicate with each other instantaneously.

The advent of internet in common man’s life has changed the entire scenario. People now, see and talk with each other, sitting mile away from each other. However, although we can easily approach people living in other corners of the nation, yet many people are not able to befriend them, share their thoughts with them and brainstorm over international issues with them.

The only reason for this appealing situation is the linguistic divide of the world. People living in different corners of the world speak different languages. Hence in today’s scenario it becomes very important to learn foreign languages for the several reasons.

Some of the reasons why people learn language are given below:

International studies:

Many students fly from one country to another in order to pursue international level education. Those students need to learn a language which is commonly used in that country in order to talk to their peer group.

International Business:

The need for learning language shot up with the introduction of globalization. There are many entrepreneurs and businessmen who are bound to learn a new language as they have to deal with international clients. They must know the foreign language if they wish to crack a smart deal with the foreign delegates.

Cultivating the hobby:

Many people have a hobby to learn new languages. For this they pursue vocational courses or online courses to learn a new language. They don’t have any particular reason to learn a language yet they learn it for their sheer passion.

Career opportunity:

There are many people around the world who pursue a career by learning a foreign language. Professions such as tourist guide, international telesales and many others demand the knowledge of a foreign language.


Many people around the world migrate from one country to another in the hope of a better standard of living. Such people settle in a foreign land along with their family. For surviving in a foreign land it becomes quite important to learn a foreign language that is very widely used in that region.

There might be several other reasons for leaning a language which may vary from person to person. Whatever might be the reason, it is a fact that every year millions of people pursue language training through different modes. There are basically two different modes of learning a foreign language that are by far very popular. One is through traditional classroom system.

In this mode students go to a physical class where they get trained by a mentor who has in depth knowledge of a particular language. And the other method is of online training. In this mode a student pursue an online training course sitting at home. This mode of training has gained huge popularity in recent times due to great advantages of the concept of online education.

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